A Modern Homesteader


If you clicked this link you apparently would like to know who is writing these sometimes rambling posts. My name is Diana and I’m a 30-something homesteader currently living in the greater Seattle area. I homestead with my mom on our 1/4 acre suburban lot. We’re currently in the process of selecting and purchasing acreage on the other side of the mountains.

This is not a passing hobby or fad for me or my family. This is a full-time lifestyle that motivates me and those that I love to do better, do more and have the quality of life that we so deeply care about. Quality of life and relationships are part of what motivates me to this lifestyle.

In the past decade I have seen a shift in American society that breaks my heart. Things are shifting farther and farther from the intent of our founding fathers. The American Dream is now what we have at night when we’re sound asleep from working jobs that drain us emotionally and leave our children without the guidance of parents who love them. People work 60 hours a week to pay for homes that they are only in on weekends and evenings. Cooking for your family is now portrayed as ‘hard’ and ‘time consuming’, instead of a way that we can show those we love that we love them.


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  1. Deborah

    Nice to meet you Diana. It sounds like you care deeply for your family and your country. Many blessings to you.


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