A Modern Homesteader

And more tomatoes

We planted out more tomatoes out today, all the peppers are now out and the green eggplants. We’ve soaked the beans and someone needs to go put them in the dirt. It’s a little early for beans, but the soil temperatures are high enough I think they’ll do okay. I could be wrong, but it is worth the shot. I really need to get the squashes started and the cucumbers but I think we’re done in for the day. Digging garden beds and transplanting is backbreaking work when you’re doing it by hand. 

I’m covered in dirt and sweat and… I think a margarita seems like a delightful idea… but moving to make one seems like too much work. As for dinner… we need something for dinner… and it needs to be easy. It’s times like this that I miss ordering pizza and wings! 

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