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Blondie’s Necropsy Report

So, as I posted about I did take Blondie’s corpse down to Puyallup to have a necropsy performed on her. They were very nice and very professional. I dropped her off after filling out paperwork that included breed, age, diet, number of other birds in flock, etc. Fortunately, I had records enough that I knew her age to the month and knew the brand of feed. I was told a lot of people don’t fill the paperwork out completely, so apparently that is uncommon. Keep records!

The report is in and the cause of death was impaction of the gizzard, so my diagnosis of sour crop was probably correct but the cause of the sour crop was the impacted gizzard. The gizzard impaction was likely caused by a rubber band that was found in her crop. The only possible sources I can find for the rubber band is the compost pile or the straw bale used for their bedding. Other than that, she was in good health.

If you click the image below, you can view the full report.

Blondie's Necropsy

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