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Broody Hen

I have a silver laced wyandotte who over the last couple days has been reluctant to leave the coop. She is making an unusual higher pitch chirp when I peek in on her. Fairly fluffed up. She doesn’t appear to have any discharge from eyes, nostril, etc.

Initially, I wondered if she has she gone broody or if she might be ill? I forced her out earlier but she went back…even with the compost pile uncovered for a worm buffet!  The other hens are having difficulty getting into the coop because she is chirping at them in warning tones whenever they approach. After consulting some crowdsource and doing my own research and watching her behavior I realized she was indeed broody. Not just sorta broody like her sister had been a while back… full on, I’m going to sit here until these eggs chirp broody. On unfertilized eggs.

I let this go on for a while and then sourced some fertile eggs from someone in town and swapped them out from the non-fertile ones. We’ll see what we get.

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