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Building an Outdoor shower

Once again, for the sake of additional privacy with more people we decided to build a shower enclosure for our outdoor shower. We live rough folks, but a shower is mandatory, even if it involves hauling & boiling water!
We selected a slightly sloped area for the shower so the water will drain away and provide some much needed water to the area around the shower. 
Three walls, with the potential for a solid door on the fourth if we feel it necessary in the future. 
The hardest part of this project was leveling the blocks and getting them spaced correctly! 
I initially dug all the holes and later we concreted in our 12′ shower pole. We plan to use this to raise a bucket shower and have its height be adjustable. That part isn’t quite done. 😉
If I had it to do over, I would have concreted the pole in first, since I ended up having to expand the holes, move the blocks and re-level them.
Originally, I had planned to just do horizontal bracing between the posts, but instead opted to frame walls inside the 4×4 posts to hang the sheathing on. I believe this added some stability and rigidity. I think the original version would have been much too wobbly.


I also added a brace at the very top of the front to stabilize those two posts. 
Very simple construction again. This could have been a weekend project (minus the concrete post setting) but took longer because life interrupts. 
The last step was putting the sheathing on, which was once again accomplished with my two junior helpers. I strongly recommend wrangling another fit adult for this process… Perhaps one who works for beer or baked goods. Hanging the sheathing took less than 30 minutes! 

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