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Compost Scare!

So today, I had to turn the compost. Yes, I’m a little old school on compost. I like to turn it fairly regularly to keep things chugging along at a good rate. The aeration from turning, seems to help it significantly…although there are definitely other schools of thought! However, I pretty much gave myself a heart attack today while turning it.  I uncovered a pile of salamanders which on first glance appeared to be a pile of snakes. They would have had to be garter snakes, but still I jumped about two feet and I think I shrieked.

I probably scared them just as much as they scared me however… and especially with my big scary omnivore and voraciously hungry chickens hanging out waiting to get at the big fat juicy worms. The salamanders made it to safe cover in another section of the pile before the girls got to them though. I’m pretty sure they were Long Toed Salamanders, but I didn’t get a picture of them before they took off! 

Snakes are not on my list of favorite things, although many of them are quite useful critters in the garden.

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