A Modern Homesteader

Farm Chores and plans…

Mom and I moved the chicken yard (coop, fencing) today to their summer location. Planted spinach, lettuce and radishes direct into the good ol’ garden soil. Peas will go in tomorrow from their transplant packs. Mom is washing all the recycled pots we have that are currently empty so they can go into the greenhouse. Tomorrow, we’ll start another run of broccoli in the greenhouse, some cilantro (out in the┬ádirt!), maybe a kohlrabi or two (greenhouse) [we don’t know if we’ll like them or not and we’ll grow more later in the year for a fall harvest]. Need to get a run of beets into the ground and start some Walla Wallas from seed. I think I’ll start a biggish pot or two of some other herby things in the greenhouse. We’ll have to check night temps and see how low it gets after dark before I decide what from inside might be able to safely move outside and not die of exposure.For dinner tonight? Tacos with fresh lettuce from the garden! And cilantro from the house! Win!!!

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