A Modern Homesteader

First Overnight

We left town a little later than planned, but arrived at our cabin by 1:00PM. Beautiful drive and the roads were pretty clear except for at the very top of the pass, which is as we expected.

The gentleman we hired to plow the driveway carved out a little round-about so we were able to drive all the way to the front door! Really made a difference for unloading the car.

The kerosene heater works like a charm and we have the cabin at a toasty 70F. Our propane heater guy must have been delayed because he didn’t arrive as scheduled. Oh well, we have heat enough and it should be a pleasant enough night.

One of our neighbors popped by to welcome us to the neighborhood.

This is brief and not particularly eloquent but I’m writing on my mobile so that I can upload when we head to town.



  1. Jo Brewer

    That is so beautiful and looks so very cozy!

  2. Vicky Bautista

    Amazing pictures! They look like something right out of a movie. Thanks for sharing.


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