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Growing Citrus in the Pacific Northwest

I put together this slideshow and handout as part of presentation for the classes I’m taking in Sustainable Urban Agriculture at Edmonds Community College. The classes have been very informative so far and I’ve learned a lot and also learned that I already knew a lot, which is always nice. If you didn’t know you are like most folks when you think citrus, you think Florida. That marketing campaign has really paid off! However, you can grow citrus in Washington and Oregon if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort…okay, a lot of extra effort.

If you want a handy print out that hits the key points of the slideshow, click below. Right now the video does not have audio, but I plan to record audio to go with it in the future. Probably over the winter when I have more ‘indoor’ time.

Growing Citrus in the Pacific Northwest – Print out


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