A Modern Homesteader

Hardening Off

So many things to do… and wouldn’t you know that I would be missing key components of the most time sensitive ones? *sigh* I really wanted to get all my computer work done early so I could go do the outside work and not end up bouncing back and forth. 

Oh well, I guess I’ll get the drill out and put holes in the new ‘pot’ for my rose that I dug out a few weeks ago (I think it’s still alive…maybe…) and get it re-potted and pruned back, I’ll start my peas (since that didn’t happen last weekend), figure out what to do with the tomatoes that are growing me out of house and home (it’s too early to set them out), plant the 4 artichoke plants mom & I got last week, plant the broccoli that are now hardened off and start more, start some spinach and some additional lettuce varieties. And I think I need to up pot my peppers into 4″ pots. I need a potting bench. LOL

It’s hard to believe but I managed to get it all done. I pruned the rose back and noticed that there are some lovely new nubs coming off the cane, so I’ll have some nice new growth I think to replace the rather scraggly stuff I cut off.

The broccolis are all in and the lettuce I started inside are also in. Yippee! 

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