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Lazy Tomato Planting

So, I find myself needing to plant even more tomatoes at home. Why? The plot at the farm has not yet been plowed. The date has moved several times…April 15, May, May 15 and now it is set to June 1. I have two choices with these tomatoes that are in gallon size containers. Toss them or plant them. They can’t keep living in pots. So, I’m going to have to plant them here, despite not having garden beds prepped for them.

I’m extremely disappointed but there’s not much I can do at the moment. It is what it is.

So, I went and tracked down some big sheets of cardboard this morning and brought it home. Got the lawn mowed and then laid out the card board and decided where to put each plant. I went for two rows about 18 inches apart. I dug the holes, wet the ground throughly and then laid the cardboard back over them and used my spade and jabbed a hole in the cardboard over each dug hole.  After bending the cardboard back against the sides of the hole, I put the tomatoes into the ground, filled the holes. I wet the cardboard as throughly as possible from the top and then mulched the cardboard with fresh grass clippings. I’m hoping this breaks down nicely over the summer and also keeps the weeds down a bit.

It was still a lot of work, but not as much work as double digging two more 4’x8′ garden beds! 

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