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New Wind Turbine Design

I’m one of those people who loves to research alternative technologies that could potentially make my life on the ‘stead easier and more self-sufficient. In my wanderings on wind power I came across this new turbine design which is pretty cool. I question the testing numbers since they are not comparing their turbine to a traditional turbine, which means they are not giving potential consumers numbers that can be objectively compared. It isn’t on the market yet, but I admit to being super curious as to the price point. If this actually works as advertised this may make wind power much more accessible on sites that presently are not suited for it…all while making it safer for animals and people. That’s something I would call a win/win.

Right now, wind power is really not an ideal energy source for most properties. You need a rather significant amount of wind to generate even small amounts of energy. I’m very interested in using wind power as mechanical energy rather than electrical energy in areas where you can afford to not have the device operate all the time. I’m wondering about using wind as a mechanical energy source for water pumps to fill cisterns…which is how I stumbled onto this turbine.


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