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Planning Stages

Since, life has me working a rather unpredictable schedule we haven’t made it back out to our little piece of paradise. So, we are at a stage of planning that can’t move too much farther forward without going to the property, having the utility lines marked and then staking out where we think the main structures will be going.

In order to meet code requirements we have to have a grey-water tank installed unless we can convince the county to grant us a variance and approve one of the plans I have in Art Ludwig’s The New Create an Oasis with Greywater: Choosing, Building and Using Greywater Systems. His systems are very simple and straight forward and make a lot of sense to me. Much more sense than using a holding tank does, that’s for sure!

We need to stop into the health district office and talk to the powers that be and see if they will even entertain an idea of a variance…or if we have to go the more expensive, designed route with a concrete tank (basically a half sized septic system).

I think that we’ve decided on doing two 14×14 cabins with storage lofts ala Solar Cabin Homesteading. LaMar is working on another version which we plan to use as the main building a 14×14 with a 10×10 addition. Each cabin will feature a composting loo, shower facilities and a ‘coffee’ bar. For mine, I would like to do a so-called ‘wet’ bathroom,┬ábut I need to do more research on how to make that work.

We’ll add LED DC lighting and some AC outlets to power other things, like my computer. You get more efficiency running off DC, so if we can we will…but DC appliances are more money out of pocket and not as large. Eventually we’ll switch to strictly DC…as we can afford to or need to replace appliances.

I want to keep things as efficient as possible so that switching to full solar is easier.

Picturing the layout for the farm is difficult since we don’t have any contour maps done, so I haven’t done a solid analysis. I wish we could have closed before winter hit. It would have been awesome to get over and get some mapping done before the weather turned.

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