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Solanaceaes Anonymous?

Living Room Growing

I think I need to join Solanaceaes Anonymous. The tomatoes are taking over the house! This year I planted a variety of tomato starts and several varieties of peppers. As a girl who always loved peppers, but never, ever, ever liked raw tomatoes the irony of the fact that our home is being taken over by tomatoes is not lost on me at all.

In February, I started:

  • 3 dozen Principe Borghese (2 different dates)
  • 1 dozen Green Kiwi
  • 16 Romanesco Panteano
  • 18 Pruden’s Purple
  • 18 Taxi
  • 18 Yellow Pear
  • 2 dozen Chinese 5 Color Peppers
  • 2 dozen Serrano Peppers
  • 1 dozen Little Green Eggplant

So, about 150 solanaceae currently are taking over the house. One hundred and fifty.  Why did I plant so many?  Well, in addition to the quantity I want to grow at home, I am planning on planting a sizeable portion at our garden plot in Everett. I’m really excited to have the expanded growing space and be able to give back a little to the community.

The tomatoes have been moved into 4″ pots and now into gallon size pots. The peppers all need to go into the 4″ pots, but with the lack of space, I’m not sure how that’s going to work! 

Could we please get warmer weather so I can harden these babies off and put them in the ground? Please?

My start dates on these plants were 2/12 and 2/24 which should have been 8-12 weeks before the last frost. The problem is, the plants are growing a little too well!

Living Room GrowingLiving Room Growing

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