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The start of transplanting…

Mom and I worked in the garden from 7:30 to 5:30, only stopping for a short breakfast and lunch. Peas are transplanted, their trellis is built. Re-built a different style hoop house for the tomatoes. We had built a taller one but it crashed during the windstorm yesterday. We built the second one as well. With W’s help, we dug out a second bed for the tomatoes (necessary since the hoophouse design #1 failed) and W also dug a bed that may be used for corn, but maybe something else.

We got about 17 of the cherry tomatoes planted in the hoop, which we covered with 2 layers of woven frost cover and a layer of plastic. We used the florida weave to support the tomatoes, which will be an experiment and a new method for us. However, with the number of tomatoes that we have there is absolutely no way that we are going to buy tomato cages (which often collapse) at $5 a piece. Nope, not going to happen.

I planted the Borghese (the cherry variety we planted out today) at about 18″ apart, in 3 rows in the tunnel. This may have been a mistake, given that we are doing the Florida weave, but by the time I realized that… they were in the ground and I didn’t want to risk shocking them twice! Especially, since we’re already being so “cruel” to them by putting them out in late April, instead of waiting until mid-May like many people do.

Tomorrow, we plan to build another hoop over the hugelkultur bed and put in the peppers and build trellises for beans and the cukes. Then, starting cukes, zukes, other summer squashes, more lettuces, more cilantro and maybe put plan out a few more tomatoes. I want to see how the ones that are out do, I have it on good authority that as long as they are under cover they should be fine. However, seeing is believing!

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