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Trellising, part deux

Today, feels sorta non-productive and yet it was productive. Do you have days like that? Where you feel like you have very little to show for the amount of work you did? I got one more trellis built, this required a trip to the hardware store, using my sawsall and measuring for accuracy.  I tied all three remaining trellises and now the garden is ready for transplanting the squash, cukes and zukes tomorrow.

I think what excites me most about these trellises is, much of this work will not have to be repeated next year. I may have to tie them again (or perhaps not), but I won’t need to cut the pieces again for years. I may need to cut and build more, but these are tools that should last for years…and I love that.


I also picked up a new tote to move the brooding chicks into while we wait on their coop being delivered and me having time to put it together. They are getting so big and I would much prefer to have them out of the house by now. Unfortunately, the coop we ordered from Costco arrived in the incorrect number of pieces. Very sad.

I thought about doing a lot more things, but I just ran out of time and steam.

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