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Western Washington Fruit Research Society Field Day

Another eventful day… Went to the Western Washington Fruit Research Society Winter Field Day and listened to lectures on grafting, red fleshed apples (yes, they are a thing and an awesome one!), picked up some rootstock and scion wood for grafting in class next week, went to a seminar on espalier and one on winter pruning.

It was a day filled with tons of information that was mind blowing. One of the speakers was talking about scabby apples. Scab is a fungus that causes those ugly surface spots on your apple, brown and leathery and very unappealing. He stated, jokingly…or maybe not… that he was going to start charging double for his scabby apples. Why? Well, when an apple is attacked by the fungus that causes scab it fights back, it fights for survival and in doing so it forms a compound salvestrol which is a cancer-fighting compound for humans. Awesome, eh?

So, that not-so pretty apple at the farmer’s market? Might be just the thing for lunch!

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