A Modern Homesteader

Wildfires and leaving

On August 14, we had to make the difficult decision to leave our property for the remainder of the summer. This puts all our building projects behind and throws many plans into chaos and confusion.

A major wildfire started by lightning was threatening our property. The fire’s southmost edge was about 5 miles from our property and while the smoke was tolerable when we left, that changed quickly. Another fire, human caused, started on the southwest side of town. Other fires were to the south and east of us. The smoke got pretty awful as we understand it.

We chose to leave while we were on a Level 1 evacuation status because we had animals and didn’t know if we’d be able to get everyone out if we waited. At different times, all the roads out of town were closed due to the many, many fires burning in Washington state.

Our property and those of our near neighbors were left untouched. Many people have had their property changed, even if structures were spared. We await the rains and snow to fully extinguish the fires.

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